meso-fill Intelligent cosmetics with plumping action, formulated to fight fine, deep and dehydration wrinkles, as well as expression lines.
Eye contour and deep wrinkles Intensive treatment with an immediate smoothing effect, inspired by the combined treatments of aesthetic medicine (filler + botulinum). With its Primer Texture, in few seconds, hides wrinkles, crow's feet, signs of fatigue and dark circles. Enriched with escin, anti-bags and dark circles, to give the look a fresher and brighter look. RVB LAB Eye contour and deep wrinkles
Infusion sleeping cream Refreshing night treatment which regenerates the complexion and counteracts the signs of tiredness and ageing. Thanks to the plumping action of MINI hyaluronic acid - with its high penetration capacity- night after night the skin becomes firmer and fuller. Creatine, with its powerful energising effects, strengthens the skin's cells, regenerates the skin deep down and stimulates the production of new substances. This boost of energy guarantees a "dreamlike", younger-looking, glowing complexion the next morning. Its creamy texture has been specially studied to create a thin film over the skin, releasing its powerful regenerating and anti-wrinkle active ingredients during the night. RVB LAB Infusion sleeping cream
Plumping anti-wrinkle mask
Formulated with mini hyaluronic acid, the face feels firmer and smoother in just a couple of minutes. This "black" mask - soaked with 20 ml of ultra-rich serum - floods the skin with a high concentration of plumping active ingredients. Its FILL+BTX Technology is based on new combined treatments used in aesthetic medicine (filler + botulin) and has a double anti-wrinkle action: 1) it fills (FILL) fine, deep and dehydration wrinkles; 2) it smoothes out (BTX) mimic wrinkles and expression lines. It restores vitality and tone to the complexion in just 10 minutes and the skin feels toned and replenished right from the very first application. Warnings: any itching or redness immediately after application is temporary and is due to the effective action of the product. RVB LAB Infusion-supermask™<br>Plumping anti-wrinkle mask
Plumping infusion cream 4R filler treatment*. With FILL+BTX Technology, it takes the powerful synergy of very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with high penetration capacity - and GABA BTX - which smoothes out expression lines - and actively fights the four most common kinds of winkles: deep, fine and dehydration wrinkles and expression lines. With its creamy, melt-in texture, it fills and smoothes out wrinkles for instantly younger-longing skin and a sublime sensation of comfort and firmness.
*cosmetic filler: cosmetic action supported by tests to increase skin density.
RVB LAB Plumping infusion cream
Plumping infusion serum Intensive triple-action plumping serum: 1) minimises the effects of ageing, restoring density to the skin; 2) relaxes expression lines; 3) smoothes the skin's surface. With FILL+BTX Technology, it actively fights the four most common types of wrinkles: fine, deep and dehydration wrinkles and expression lines. 2% N-Acetylglucosamine naturally increases the hyaluronic acid in the skin so it feels fuller and firmer. Thanks to its silky texture and its lightening micro-pigments, the complexion feels smooth and radiant. Day after day deep wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes firm and smooth once again. RVB LAB Plumping infusion serum
Soothing eye contour and deep wrinkles mask Acts on the whole area of the gaze -from temple to temple- to give the face a more relaxed and rested appearance. With ILLUMI-EYE CPX, an anti-bags and dark circles complex, it contrasts the presence of both dark blue and dark circles.
RVB LAB Soothing eye contour and deep wrinkles mask