lips Long-lasting and comfortable: everything you can ask for from perfect lip products. Lipsticks, pencils and lip glosses to use on their own or together , to create infinite combinations and offer each client a personalized and unique look.
Water resistant lip pencil Innovative and ultra-performing lip pencil. The creamy and highly pigmented texture glides easily on the lips, redesigning them with a thin and comfortable film. When the line dries, the color sets, does not smudge and ensures an extreme hold of the lipstick. It allows you to easily create a perfect and defined lip contour. RVB LAB Water resistant lip pencil
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EVER&EVER MATT LIQUID LIPSTICK - 12H LONG LASTING Latest generation liquid lipstick for an incredible long-lasting matt effect. Velvety and vibrant lips, full colour, for long-lasting perfection.

A light and fluid texture, it glides gently over the lips, covering them with a thin, adhesive, weightless film. Unique ""naked lips"" sensation, extremely natural. Smooth application, but controlled/precise at the same time. Absolute comfort in application and over time.

Velvet-effect matt lips. Saturated and homogeneous colour right from the first application, even for darker colours. Once dry, the colour sets, remaining perfect over time, without drying or smudging. Kiss proof.

Does not contain: Paraffin, Mineral oil, Talc.

Long-lasting 12h. Duration up to 19h*.
*instrumental and self evaluation test.

Comfortable texture 95%**
Precise application 90%**
Smooth and easy application 85%**
Comfort guaranteed over time 80%**

**Self-assessment test on 20 subjects. Percentage of subjects satisfied with this parameter.
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Matt&Velvet lipstick 10 new shades with an innovative, vibrant and naturally matte finish.

Thin film and instant colour release in just one swipe. Lips are smoothed and protected against the action of external agents and free radicals. Enriched with hydrating and smoothing active ingredients.

Easy to apply, comfort, zero gravity, excellent hydration.
RVB LAB Matt&Velvet lipstick
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Lip pencil A soft and comfortable texture, easily blended in. With a precise and well defined line, it allows redefining the lip contour with an absolutely natural effect. RVB LAB Lip pencil
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Professional lipstick A creamy and comfortable texture with a full and bright colour. It releases an even film on the lips for a luminous and smoothing effect. Enriched with collagen microspheres and vitamin E. RVB LAB Professional lipstick
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Lip gloss A soft texture with intense shine. It adheres perfectly to the lips for a luminous and sparkling effect. Ideal to coat lips with iridescent reflections. RVB LAB Lip gloss
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