lips Long-lasting and comfortable: everything you can ask for from perfect lip products. Lipsticks, pencils and lip glosses to use on their own or together , to create infinite combinations and offer each client a personalized and unique look.
Lip pencil A soft and comfortable texture, easily blended in. With a precise and well defined line, it allows redefining the lip contour with an absolutely natural effect. RVB LAB Lip pencil
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Comfort Matt Designed for women who want and seek a MATT lipstick, but absolutely COMFORTABLE. COMFORT MATT is a complete and compact 5-colours line with all the shades in the nude tone, made by ultra pigmented lipsticks offering full, vibrant colour and a matte finish in a single coat, keeping at the same time your lips soft, hydrated and well-defined. RVB LAB Comfort Matt
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Professional lipstick A creamy and comfortable texture with a full and bright colour. It releases an even film on the lips for a luminous and smoothing effect. Enriched with collagen microspheres and vitamin E. RVB LAB Professional lipstick
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Lip gloss A soft texture with intense shine. It adheres perfectly to the lips for a luminous and sparkling effect. Ideal to coat lips with iridescent reflections. RVB LAB Lip gloss
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