face Compact, fluid or creamy Foundations, high coverage or extra Light formulas. Weightless and blendable powders. All these are the tools To create in a few simple gestures a perfect base: the beginning of every make-up.
Hydra Booster Foundation A new generation multi-functional foundation with an innovative formula. "CLEAN", formula without silicones, PEG, talc, parabens, perfume allergens. Suitable for all skin types: dehydrated, stressed, with wrinkles, sensitive and hyper-reactive. High performing foundation. Delicate and functional as a real treatment. Formula specifically studied by our laboratories to act in synergy with our skin care line.


  • for high coverage, apply the product with a foundation sponge or a blender.

  • for medium coverage, apply the products with foundation brush # 05, perfect to create a sculpted flawless look. Apply the product from the centre of the face outwards de corners with dubbing spreading motions.

  • for extreme natural finish apply the product with finger tips blending it with dubbing motions from the centre of the face outwards.

RVB LAB Hydra Booster Foundation
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Powder blushes The ultra-pigmented formula enhances the complexion with a delicate touch of colour for a second skin effect. The shades are buildable and they instantly blend onto the skin, for a perfect and sensorial make-up. The silky texture is very easy to apply and blend illuminating the cheeks. Six versatile shades with high blendable formula perfectly matching all skin tones, designed to build different make-up looks for every occasion! Very long lasting formula, it does not need touch ups!


Physavie® natural SOOTHING active
It is a supercritical CO2 plant extract with both soothing and thermal anti-aging properties. It excellently stimulates the activity of the skin's natural antioxidant defences, increases the production of the extracellular matrix and restores the skin barrier. It controls the temperature and microcirculation of the skin subject to aggressions.


  • 100% biodegradable

  • It has soothing properties equivalent to the hydrocortisone without the side effects

  • It has anti-itching and soothing properties, essential for sensitive skin

  • It regulates and maintains the skin temperature and microcirculation at their basic levels, even after exposure to external aggressions.

  • It biologically reduces the damages caused by infrared radiation and visible light (SPF)

  • Proven anti-aging thermal action

RVB LAB Powder blushes
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Smooth Perfection Powder The innovative formula specially designed to offer an avant-garde product making it as the perfect ally for a soft and silky skin.

  • Luxury almost creamy, incredibly impalpable and delicate, perfect for all skin types.

  • It evens out the skin tone, creating a thin veil of silk onto the skin

  • Enriched with special active ingredients studied to take care of the skin thanks to their precious moisturising and firming action. It hides and smooth out the small imperfections and its suitable for mature skins.


  • BRUSH 07: for very natural make -up, for daily use and for normal skin types, apply the product with the brush by dubbing it onto the T zone (forehand, nose, cheeks, chin)

  • POWDER PUFF: for a even and high coverage make -up, as per to build the most famous «porcelain skin», apply the product by dubbing it all over the face with the powder puff not extremely charged.

BAKING: Apply the product all over the critical areas of the face previously treated with a quite tick layer of concealer. This will smooth out the skin surface hiding large pores, fine and deep wrinkles and will make the make-up last longer.
RVB LAB Smooth Perfection Powder
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Skin Perfector Face&Eyes All-in-1 powders palette for face and eyes, with 4 different colours. Highly professional performance, ideal for sculpting, correcting and embellishing every type of face and complexion and to enhance the eye make-up from the most natural to the most intense. Very soft, light and velvety texture, which blends perfectly on the skin of the face and eyes for a natural and uniform finish.

1-SMOOTHING POWDER: ultra-thin powder ideal for creating a make-up eye and to be used as a smoothing face powder.

2-SCUPLTING POWDER: color designed for the corrective make-up of face and eyes, to define and enhance the look and to sculpt every type of face.

3-BLUSHING POWDER: highly blendable powder for easy application, universal color for all skin tones to be used as blush for a bonne mine effect or as an eye shadow.

4-HIGHLITING POWDER: ultra-soft and light illuminating powder that contains a high concentration of mother-of-pearl that blends with the skin for a natural light effect, the true secret of make-up artist to illuminate face and eyes.

Iconic and innovative product, all in-1 practical and compact and complete, modular texture suitable for all skin tones, social product, a real must have!
RVB LAB Skin Perfector Face&Eyes
Sun protection foundation Compact cream foundation with sunscreens for flawless, smooth and protected skin 365 days a year, always at sea and in the city.

The creamy texture blends perfectly with the skin making it more uniform, camouflaging all imperfections.

- naturally matte finish.
- modular coverage and easy to blend
- practical pocket size, ideal for small touch ups
RVB LAB Sun protection foundation
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Cover stick With a soft and comfortable non-greasy texture, it conceals imperfections with excellent coverage. Suitable for all skin types, including the driest. RVB LAB Cover stick
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HD lifting effect concealer The new concealer enhances perfection, uniformity, smoothness, brightness and tone of the face. Soft and creamy texture, very comfortable and elastic, second skin effect. Modular multimedia coverage, uniform application, incredible grip and extreme blendability. The innovative flocked applicator improves the distribution and nuance of the product. RVB LAB HD lifting effect concealer
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Illuminating light foundation A lightweight emulsion ideal to even out the complexion and illuminate the face. Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for those who do sport and live in the open air. RVB LAB Illuminating light foundation
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Wet & dry foundation An easy to apply lightweight and velvety powder, for a matte finish and an even and natural complexion. To be used wet for greater coverage, dry for a more natural and lighter effect. RVB LAB Wet & dry foundation
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Cream compact foundation A practical and creamy foundation with medium-high coverage. For tones, compact and even skin. Suitable for all skin types, including the driest. Enriched with vitamins A and E and micronized pigments. RVB LAB Cream compact foundation
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HD effect foundation The new foundation HD lifting effect improves the look perfectly uniform, relaxed and toned face. A new formula enriched with wakame extract and PERFECT- LIFT- COMPLEX. It gives uniformity to the complexion, reducing redness and signs of age. RVB LAB HD effect foundation
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Long-lasting camouflage foundation High coverage cream foundation with spf 20. Second skin effect comfort, natural and radiant finish. Ideal for all skin types. Enriched with extract of pomegranate and centella asiatica sterols. RVB LAB Long-lasting camouflage foundation
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High definition loose powder A lightweight powder to mattify, fix and prolong make-up. For a velvety skin and a natural effect. RVB LAB High definition loose powder
Tanning cake A new generation powder for multiple effects from corrective contouring to the more traditional complexion Enhancing for a natural tan effect. RVB LAB Tanning cake
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