eyes On-trend colours and ultra-blendable textures. Technical eyeliners and super-pigmented mascaras are the perfect allies to create any look, from the most audacious and sophisticated to the most natural.
More and More An innovative creamy and enveloping texture with an incredible ultra-volumizing effect. A formula enriched with a blend of active ingredients and emollients for tick, curved and intensely tinted eyelashes.
-LATEST GENERATION Film - formers: A new generation of high-performance polymers: they improve the pigments adherence on the eyelashes boosting the volume. -
- D - Panthenol: A nourishing active ingredient from the B vitamins family. It improves the eyelashes resistance preventing damages. It provides long-lasting hydration, making the lashes lookshinier.
- Argan and castor beans oil: Nourishing, healing, regenerating and restructuring properties

100% VOLUME*
*Self-assessment test on 20 subjects. % of subjects who experienced a
visible improvement in the claimed effect.
RVB LAB More and More
More than this 3 in 1: Kajal-Eyeliner-Eyeshadow.
Creamy stick eyeshadows, extremely long lasting and very easy to blend. Flawless finish and outstanding colour pay off for hours with no smudges and strains.
Thanks to the special rounded tip, MORE THAN THIS, is the easiest and quickest eyeshadow ever!.
Lightweight flowing texture.
RVB LAB More than this
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Eyeliner Liquid Eyeliner pen, luminous and with an extra black finish Water resistant, smudge-proof, resistant to water, high temperatures and humidity Long lasting up to 24h. High coverage from the first stroke
Easy and precise application, both for a thin line and a bold, dramatic stroke, to be also applied after the eyeshadow application.

An ally of many women to get a simple yet dramatic makeup
A versatile product suitable to any look
To be perfect all day and night, without smudging
RVB LAB Eyeliner


Khol kajal A soft and comfortable texture, easy to apply with a precise line for intense and deep eyes. RVB LAB Khol kajal
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Aquabomb mascara New waterproof mascara, specifically designed to resist water and at the same time deliver extra volume and length. Pure black pigment, for a deep colour, perfect to get a magnetic look.


APPLICATOR: hourglass-shaped ” fiber brush, to ensure an even application of the product, volume effect and length to the lashes.
RVB LAB Aquabomb mascara
Don't cry anymore mascara The perfect combination between high performance and eye health. Ideal for sensitive eyes. Volumizes, intensifies, lengthens, curls and separates lashes. A long wearing formula, water resistant. It can be easily removed with warm water and a gentle finger pressure. RVB LAB Don't cry anymore mascara
Extra volume mascara Extremely intense black mascara. Curls, thickens and gives extra volume to the lashes for sensual and deep eyes. RVB LAB Extra volume mascara
False eyelashes mascara Lengthens, curls and thickens lashes in one movement, giving maximum definition. Exalts lashes with an intense colour for a false eyelash effect. RVB LAB False eyelashes mascara


Eye pencil Versatile and easy to apply, it accentuates and gives depth to the eyes. Excellent lasting properties and easy to blend in. Also ideal for inside the eye. RVB LAB Eye pencil
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Water resistant eye pencil Innovative lash line eye pencil, that combines professional performances together with comfort and ease of use. The texture is creamy and easy to apply, for an immediate result. Long lasting, no transfer, water resistant. RVB LAB Water resistant eye pencil
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Essential eyeshadow A silky texture for high blendability. Long-lasting and immediate full colour on application. RVB LAB Essential eyeshadow
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Eyebrow pencil A precise stroke and easily blendable, ideal to fill in gaps in a sparse eyebrow arch. RVB LAB Eyebrow pencil
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Cream eyebrow liner water resistant It defines, fills, outlines and models accurately. Modular texture. Perfect adhesion. Quick drying and smudging. Long lasting. Waterproof. RVB LAB Cream eyebrow liner water resistant
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High definition eye pencil water resistant long lasting Two shades of eyebrow pencils from automatic technology with retractable tip. The ultra-thin lead with a medium-soft texture allows the high precision of the stroke allowing to define and fill the eyebrows, from a naturally defined effect to more dense. Impeccable result with a long life with a simple and essential gesture. RVB LAB High definition eye pencil water resistant long lasting
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Eyebrow volumizing fixer coloured Innovative coloured mascara enriched with volumizing fibers. Suitable for all eyes of eyebrows, in particular the most thick. Practical and precise brush. Perfect adhesion. Quick drying and smudging. RVB LAB Eyebrow volumizing fixer coloured
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Eyebrow volumizing fixer trasparent Innovative transparent mascara in gel texture combing, thickens and fixes all types of eyebrows. Enriched with volumizing fibers. Practical and precise brush. Perfect adhesion. Quick drying and smudging. RVB LAB Eyebrow volumizing fixer trasparent
Eyebrow professional brush Professional duo brush with mascara brush side and oblique brush side, ideal for working and defining eyebrows. The mascara brush with conical shape, made of medium soft spiral synthetic bristles, allows combing and untangling the eyebrows. The brush with an oblique cut with synthetic bristles, is ideal for applying, filling and defining eyebrow make up. RVB LAB Eyebrow professional brush