RVBLAB brushes
Lip brush 01 Synthetic bristle brush specifically to apply lipsticks and lip glosses. The tapered shape allows perfect application even in the most difficult areas such as the corners of the mouth. Also suitable for blending in the lip contour pencil and blending it with the lipstick applied. RVB LAB Lip brush 01
Eye pencil brush 02 Sable brush to apply and blend in eye shadow. The classic “cat’s tongue” shape, the length and the rounded shape of the bristles make this brush the ideal partner for those who want perfect, precise and professional blending in. RVB LAB Eye pencil brush 02
Flat eyeshadow brush 03 Sable brush to blend in eye shadow with a “cat’s tongue” shape. Its size makes it particularly suitable for perfect blending in, perfect even on very large eyes and to obtain large and soft blending in of colours. It is also a perfect ally for smoky eyes. RVB LAB Flat eyeshadow brush 03
Round eyeshadow brush 04 Natural bristle brush with an oblique and bombe’ cut for the application of eye shadows and large, simple but precise shading. Ideal to create perfect blending in the orbital area. Guaranteeing even and compact adherence for eye shadows and to correct and blend in the eye make-up. RVB LAB Round eyeshadow brush 04
Eyebrow professional brush Professional duo brush with mascara brush side and oblique brush side, ideal for working and defining eyebrows. The mascara brush with conical shape, made of medium soft spiral synthetic bristles, allows combing and untangling the eyebrows. The brush with an oblique cut with synthetic bristles, is ideal for applying, filling and defining eyebrow make up. RVB LAB Eyebrow professional brush
Foundation brush 05 Synthetic brush for the application of any foundation, fluid, cream or cream gel, to the face, neck and décolleté. Thanks to its flat and tapered shape, application is even and streak-free. The long bristles blend in and even out foundation for a natural and flawless result. RVB LAB Foundation brush 05
Blush brush 06 A synthetic bristle brush to apply blush. The oblique cut of the bristles and its medium size make it particularly suitable to “sculpt” and define the cheekbones. RVB LAB Blush brush 06
Tanning cake brush 07 Maxi synthetic bristle brush for bronzers, powders, all-over and illuminating powders for face and body. The presence of synthetic fibres and the sinuous bombe shape make the application of powders and bronzers to the face particularly easy, fast and pleasant, without making the features look heavy. RVB LAB Tanning cake brush 07