Creativity, glamour, scientific rigour are the beauty inspiring values signed by RVB LAB.
il corpo ritrovato
We support and sponsor one of the most important non-profit organizations in the Italian scientific community
make up
discover the latest color trends.
skin care
intelligent cosmetics with plumping action.
skin care
age repair
intelligent cosmetics with elasticising action.
soothes. repairs. revitalizes. fortifies. anti-ageing.
Meso Body Trearment
Scolpisce, modella drena. Bendaggio ad azione iperattiva.

the make up The professionals' makeup Discover our complete and compact line, characterised by high performance products, with comfortable textures and trendy colour palette.
the skin Research gives Value to Beauty From our laboratories: cutting-edge dermocosmetics based on molecular biotechnology. For results with no compromise