ultrabombato Hair with body and vitality.
An elegant style that evokes the 1960s structured and with full volumes, romantic and feminine, excellent every day and perfect for special evenings.
Volume spray Why does it work? enriched with extract of kino tree. It stimulates the microcirculation and protects the health of the hair bulb, for a natural style with a volume effect.
How do you want your hair to become? with body, airy, light and perfumed
How do you use it? spray from the root to the ends on towel-dried hair. It can also be used on dry hair to reinvigorate and give vitality and freshness to the hairstyle.
Shaping film-forming agents malabar kino multi-active trace elements lychee.
RVB LAB Volume spray
Volume-Eco Hairspray Eco-hairspray with no gas, perfect hair hold for any style. Formula enriched with plant protein mix protecting and nourishing the hair fibre. Not heavy, not stick not flaky.

Perfectly tied up, full of volume and frizzy. Spray it evenly 30cm far from you hair.

Spray it on dump hair to hold the style
Spray it on the hair roots after blow drying to maximize the volume
Spray it on dry hair to boost the hair shine and volume."
RVB LAB Volume-Eco Hairspray