riccioscolpito Shaped and disciplined curls.
A style with dazzling oomph to it, with ultradefined curls that look as though they have been sculpted They keep the firmness of their shape with energy, perfect curls with medium-length or layered hair.
Defined curls gel cream Why does it work? Enriched with arginine. It coats every curl, making them more harmonious. Hair is protected from the damp and free from frizz, for disciplined, full and redesigned waves.
What does your hair look like? unruly curls, with no shape.
How do you want your hair to become? Perfectly designed curls in perfect order
How to use it? Apply a small amount to washed and towel-dried hair. Proceed with styling.
Shaping film-forming agents arginine structural polyphenols from walnut moisturizing agents.
RVB LAB Defined curls gel cream