ognidì For all hair, frequent use.
Extremely gentle, this is the line for hair to be washed frequently, even every day Ultra-gentle but also effective treatments, thanks to ultra-targeted active ingredients Suitable for all types of hair, they have been developed to ensure that they are very practical and fast use.
Delicate conditioner A light conditioner, rich in illuminating fruit acids. It smoothes and shines the hair fibre, from the roots to the ends, making it soft and moisturized, without weighing hair down.
Gentle softening agents moringa microproteins illuminating fruit acids jojoba oil.
RVB LAB Delicate conditioner
Delicate shampoo A gentle cleansing base, rich in microproteins from moringa. It delays the accumulation of smog and impurities and makes it easier to remove them.
Gentle surfactants moringa microproteins illuminating fruit acids avocado oil.
RVB LAB Delicate shampoo