nails Intense colours and maximum coverage: the new diego dalla palma nail varnishes offer a longlasting super glossy effect. The new formula, together with the maxi brush, guarantees smooth and smudge-free application. Perfect nails and full colours from the first coat.
RVBLAB nails
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Sponge nail polish remover Practical nail polish remover with immersion sponge, ideal for removing all traces of nail polish. Perfect for an easy and quick removal of even the most pigmented and persistent nail polishes. Does not dry the skin and releases a pleasant fragrance.

Very practical: by removing nail polish from each finger individually, you do not damage the other nails - so you can correct mistakes without compromising your manicure.

All in one product: cotton and nail polish remover. Also travel size. Does not stain.
RVB LAB Sponge nail polish remover
UV base gel effect & UV top coat gel effect The alternative Diego dalla Palma nails to the semipermanent nail polish. A couple which gives an impeccable manicure, prolonging more than 7 days the tightness of the colored nail polish and its brilliance. Extreme last, easy to apply , perfect with our nail polish. RVB LAB UV base gel effect & UV top coat gel effect