lisciospaghetto Ultra-smooth and full-bodied hair.
A sophisticated and chic style, where the concept of straightness reaches a sublime and impeccable perfection, irresistible with medium-long or long hair, absolutely necessary with straighteners.
Plumping booster serum An innovative serum which, thanks to SOS fiber recovery system penetrates into the structure of the hair, spreads inside the fibres, increasing their thickness and repairing broken ones, for an incredible “perfect straightening effect” in a few seconds. The combination of hyaluronic acid, marine glycogen and a thermoprotective agent protects hair from frizzing factors, ensuring that the smooth effect lasts for days on end, even on the dampest days. In addition, the special formula is activated by heat, creating a protective film and defending hair from the aggression of the hairdryer and straighteners, avoiding flyaway hair. Hair immediately gains vitality, strength, thickness and shine.
SOS fiber recovery system hyaluronic acid marine glycogen thermoprotective agents.
RVB LAB Plumping booster serum
Straightening cream Enriched with active thermoprotective agents. It creates a micro-film-forming sheath that coats and protects the hair fibre from heat for a long-lasting ultra-straight, radiant, antifly away effect.
Heat-protective agents heat-restructuring agents argan oil passion flower oil.
RVB LAB Straightening cream
Plumping Smoothing Shampoo A mild shampoo which, thanks to the SOS fiber recovery system, supplies the hair fibre with body, giving immediate consistency and thickness. The association of hyaluronic acid and marine glycogen with a restructuring and revitalizing action, acts by restoring the moisture balance of the hair and also ensures protection from the damp, for perfect frizz-free smooth hair which lasts for days on end. Hair immediately takes on strength, thickness and intense shine. It does not contain: SLES/SLS, silicones
SOS fiber recovery system hyaluronic acid marine glycogen ceramides.
RVB LAB Plumping Smoothing Shampoo
Plumping Smoothing Mask A real shock treatment to repair damaged hair fibre from the very first application. Thanks to the SOS fiber recovery system with a filling and replumping action and booster effect: it penetrates into the cortex and supplies matter in depth, repairing and restructuring all types of hair. The combination of hyaluronic acid with marine glycogen has a recompacting and nourishing action which reinforces and revitalizes the hair and smoothes the scales, as well as ensuring long-lasting straightness for days on end. the nano-particles of sericin are activated by the heat of the straighteners and hairdryer, creating a supple protective film that repels humidity, for a real anti-frizz shock treatment. It leaves hair stronger, vital, full-bodied, supple and glossy, it moisturizes intensely without weighing hair down and prevents split ends. It does not contain: SLES/SLS, petrolatum
SOS fiber recovery system hyaluronic acid marine glycogen coconut oil..
RVB LAB Plumping Smoothing Mask