meso body treatment
RVBLAB meso body treatment
3 IN-1 SILT CREAM anti-cellulite - sculpting - firming Absorbable silt cream enhanced with phosphatidylcholine and escin with high penetration capacity. It is a multi action shock treatment, ideal to lighten the tissues weighted down by water retention, micro and macro cellulite nodules, localized adiposity. L-carnitine, a fat-burning molecule, promotes the complete combustion of fat acids and prevents the yo-yo effect often associated with quick diets. The microencapsulated retinol, promotes the reorganization of the skin support fibers, restoring smoothness, harmony and tone to the body. It does not stain skin and tissues, is easy to use and does not need to be rinsed with water.

How to use: apply with circular massages insisting on the most critical areas of the body, including arms. Do not apply on breasts. Wash hands thoroughly after use. May create a slight and temporary sensation of internal heat due to its action of reactivation of the superficial skin microcirculation.
RVB LAB 3 IN-1 SILT CREAM anti-cellulite - sculpting - firming
tech escin meso dren hyperosmotic epsom gel salts
Epsom salts in ultra-concentrated gel with a high draining effect, enriched with escin and caffeine in niosomes with a high penetration capacity. They strengthen the walls of the blood and lymphatic vessels and stimulate the skin's microcirculation, helping to remove excess fluid from the skin tissues. Ideal for giving lightness to the legs, reducing the appearance of orange peel skin, combating cellulite, reshaping the profile of thighs and buttocks.

How to use: apply morning and evening to legs, thighs, gluteus and other affected areas. Massage until absorbed, from the ankles towards the abdomen and insisting on the areas with the highest water retention and cellulite nodules (also on the arms, if necessary).
RVB LAB Nio<br>tech escin  meso dren hyperosmotic epsom gel salts
tech forskolin meso shape hyperactive sculpting bandage
Intensive remodelling treatment for thighs, hips and abdomen. Thanks to the innovative NIO_tech technology, based on niosomes, which strongly accelerate the transfer of forskolin and escin, pure molecules with a powerful lipolytic and draining action, it favours the removal of excess liquids, reshapes the body and reduces the appearance of orange peel skin. It is the ideal ally for lightening tissues weighed down by water retention, fat deposits and cellulite nodules and for a more sculpted shape. It makes the skin firmer and smoother and the silhouette more harmonious, right from the first application.

1 Hyperactive sculpting bandage
1 Cartene pant

1. Starting below the calf, wrap the soaked bandage in an upward spiral. Do 1-2 laps around the buttocks and hips reaching up to the waist and then drop back down onto the other leg.
2. Slip into cartene pants, tie 1-2 nodes at waist level.
3. Leave on from 30 to 60 minutes.
4. Remove it all, then massage the remaining serum by performing energetic pinchings.
5. Dab any residual product with absorbent paper. It is suggested not to take a shower to allow the active ingredients to continue to work on blemishes.

Forskolin: delivered by niosomes. Activates fat breakdown and reduces localised fat deposits.
Epsom salts (magnesium salts): the powerful draining and remineralising properties help eliminate excess fluids and toxins.
Aescin: delivered by niosomes. With vasoprotective properties, it strengthens blood vessels and reduces fluid retention.
A reactivating complex of natural origin: it reactivates skin microcirculation, accelerates tissue metabolism and boosts the
product's lipolytic and draining properties.

Developed from molecular biotechnology studies applied to skin physiology to protect hyaluronic acid – a key molecule that helps fill and support the skin – from degradation. The new era of dermocosmetics: prolonged action + enhanced efficacy

NIOsome carrier Technology
Active ingredient hyper-delivery system. Quicker, more visible results.

Ultra-deformable vesicles and carriers of active ingredients developed to accelerate transcutaneous penetration.

A fat-burning molecule used to activate the breakdown of triglycerides in fat cells and reduce localised fat deposits.
RVB LAB Nio<br>tech forskolin  meso shape hyperactive sculpting bandage