Instant root concealer - colour spray - 1 minute Why does it work? in just a minute and a couple of simple actions, it instantly covers roots, giving hair an all-over even colour. More time can now be left between colouring services. Enriched with anti-pollution system, it protects the scalp and hair from pollution and external agents. Thanks to its keratin-affine pigments and its highly adhesive fixing polymers, it seals in the colour so it lasts until the next wash. Easy to apply with a practical diffuser for targeted spraying.
What does your hair look like? visible hair root.
How would you like your hair to become? roots instantly covered.
How do you use it? shake the can well before use. Hold 10 cm from the head and spray directly and evenly over any visible root. The product can be removed with a simple shampoo. Avoid direct contact with eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold water.
Keratin-affine pigments fixing polymers anti-pollution system panthenol.
RVB LAB Instant root concealer - colour spray - 1 minute