Il corpo ritrovato

RVB is proud to support and sponsor one of the most important non-profit associations in the Italian scientific community: IL CORPO RITROVATO.

The Scientific Board “IL CORPO RITROVATO'' was founded in 2010 as a non-profit scientific association for the research and studies on dermocosmetological skin care of cancer patients. Undergoing cancer treatment, whether it be surgical, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, always results in traumatic, inflammatory, oxidative skin damage.

The objective of the Board is not only to classify, but also to prevent, contain and treat these side effects. A recent study among 540 patients who are undergoing cancer treatment reveals that about 85% of them are concerned about maintaining their appearance and social life.

For example, the main fear of those who undergo cancer treatment still is hair loss, which almost always is a side effect of traditional chemotherapy, as well as of more innovative forms of treatment. The fear of not recognising themselves when they look in the mirror, of changing appearance, of showing the signs of inner suffering on their skin almost always cause additional suffering to cancer patients.

The experts of "Il Corpo Ritrovato" work together with various specialists and are committed to preventing this by not only ensuring a Dermo-Cosmetological examination, but also by treating the side effects resulting from different types of treatments from a strictly dermatological point of view.

To learn more about the project, click the following link and visit the organisation's website