5-in-1 colour hair mask Why does it work? this direct colouring mask enhances the beauty of hair in a single action. Its concentrated pigments produce highlights that revive and lighten the colour, intensifying it as it processes. Enriched with HYDRA-PROTEIN COMPLEX, it restructures and nourishes deep down for soft, silky, revitalized hair.
What does your hair look like? colour is dull, hair is lifeless, damaged and brittle.
How would you like your hair to become? with coloured highlights, shiny, restructured and soft.
How do you use it? after shampooing, towel hair dry and apply the mask using gloves, distributing it evenly over all the hair or the area you wish to colour. Comb through and leave for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the intensity desired. Rinse well and style.
Concentrated pigments, hydra-protein complex, keratin, panthenol.
RVB LAB 5-in-1 colour hair mask
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